The Golf Historian
Putting your organization's History in Print.

Frances G. Trimble


Frances G. Trimble helps organizations, clubs and foundations celebrate their legacy through engaging historical profiles. The history of an organization rarely exists in a single location. It must be pieced together, like a quilt, with information from libraries, courthouses and people.

By documenting their history, organizations are able to:
                  • Document stories provided by members and others regarding who, when, how and why the organization started.
                  • Give voice to the founders, and visionaries who made it happen.
                  • Strengthen the organization's brand and visibility.
                  • Define the organization's culture for new or perspective members.
                  • Show how its people, philosophy, purpose have helped promote success and weather challenges.
                  • Establish institutional memory for strategic planning and long-term growth.
                  • Share the triumphs of those who have been affected by the work of the organization.

The Golf Historian     
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